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I met Anna at a Wellness Fair and had a mini treatment. It felt great and so I booked a full intake and treatment with her shortly there after. To date I continue to receive regular treatments, which have decreased my symptoms of reflux and nausea. With counseling Anna has made recommendations for me to follow which have helped me to relax my mind when I get over whelmed at work and this I believe has helped my physical symptoms.

Grace P.


Shiatsu is not only relaxing, but healing for me.  My busy schedule winds me up which makes me overly tense. Her treatments unwind me not only physically but mentally.  She has a tender but effective touch.  I feel like I'm floating when I leave and it's a great feeling!

Jack H.


I started seeing Anna for chronic neck pain that just wouldn't go away no matter what I did. After the first treatment the pain was reduced by 50%. After the second treatment it was 90% gone. This medicine is amazing! I highly recommend Shiatsu Therapy. Even if you're only thinking about it, at least have a conversation with Anna to better understand wht she really does.

Kylie C.



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