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Welcome to Kosho Shorei Energy Medicine! 

If this is your first introduction to Energy Medicine, you will find it to be non invasive, relaxing, and very intriguing.  My practice helps to cultivate energy, heal the body, as well as guide you on a path of living a healthier life in accordance with nature through treatment and techniques.

Starting as a patient myself over 10 years ago, I quickly felt the benefits of the medicine, as I was suffering from anxiety and acute physical pain, as well as various other symptoms.  I was fascinated by the medicine and it's natural healing properties. No drugs, no mechanical devices, no artificial anything!  And I was feeling so much better! The results, to me, were amazing. Soon thereafter I enrolled in my practitioner's student program for Energy Medicine and haven't looked back.

My experience includes over 2000 hours of training under David LoPriore Sensei, L.Ac., which includes classroom and hands on training. Continuing on I did a private apprenticeship under Sensei LoPriore L.Ac. for two years observing patient treatments as well worked in his clinic for seven years as an office manager.   LoPriore Sensei is the 23rd generation Headmaster of Kosho Shorei Ryu, a lineage originating from Japan and brought here by the Honorable James Mitose Sensei.  His clinic, Acupuncture, Shiatsu and Oriental medicine of New England is located in East Lyme CT. He has been practicing Asian medicine for 30 years and treats anywhere from 40-60 patients weekly.  You may visit his website at www.oldpinetree.com.

I have been trained by a high level licensed Acupuncturist, however I use no needles. My practice is Energy based, using an Aiki Wand, a small non invasive solid silver tool, to move the energy within your body and release it where it is stuck or overloaded, or, bring in energy where it has drained.

Your body has twelve organic Meridians that run throughout the head, neck, torso, arms and legs, hands and feet. These Meridians, from an Asian Medicine point of view, are thought to carry the flow or Qi, or energy, like rivers, throughout our entire body.   Unfortunately the flow can be interrupted due to injury, poor posture, negative thought processes etc. When this happens we feel tightness or pain in our neck, shoulders, back and elsewhere.  There are over 800 acu- points on the Meridians. Yes, 800!!  Your treatment is always diagnosis based,  consisting of a conversation to check in physically, mentally and emotionally, and a pulse diagnosis which tells where there may be stagnation or deficiency, as well as heat or tension in the system. Specific points are then used for a most efficient and effective treatment.  I earned my certification as an Energy Medicine Practitioner in September 2013 and have been practicing since.

Along side my training in the clinic I have been training on the mat in  martial arts. Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo, earning a second degree black belt, as well as Daito Ryu Aiki Jujitsu, earning a first degree black belt.  These two arts have tremendously helped with the energy cultivation I am able to utilize for my patients in my treatments

Come, get energized!

I am available for free consultations via phone, email or text. Feel free to inquire with any questions!

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